We are Kemchuta Homes Limited. We are a real estate firm registered under the laws of the federal Republic of Nigerian, based in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in sourcing for Landed properties for individuals, cooperate organizations and companies for outright purchase.

Our clients can testify to the facts that our Brand name (KEMCHUTA HOMES LIMITED) is synonymous to Genuine Real estate Products. As the Real Estate industry becomes saturated so is the issues of fraud and other vices, to deal with this we have taken up Integrity as one among our core values, we care so much about denting our brand image, we care much more about our clients investment, so we take extra care in ensuring we acquire genuine properties.

Our Properties are completely free from Government acquisition and they carry good titles that can be verified at the ministry of land with or without our consent.



To provide for this need we have some estates on sale. When acquiring our estate lands, Our first priority is to protect our clients, this we do by performing our due diligence to ensure that the land in-view is genuine and free from government or any other form of encumbrance before we go further to acquire the property. Ensuring our client’s investment safety is a standard we will never compromise.


Our Properties have over 30% ROI upon purchase and 100% ROI (Return on Investment) within one year. We don’t sell properties we sell neighborhood which is a major catalyst in the appreciation of Real Estate investment.

By virtue of the locations of all our estate properties there is high tendency for our estate to appreciate over 100% in one year.


  • Electricity
  • Landscaping
  • Drainage
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Security
  • Wireless
  • Portable water
  • Street light


  • All our Estates are genuine
  • All our estate are covered with good titled documents
  • All our estate are well located which provides for high Return on Investment
  • All our estate are totally dry lands
  • We offer instant allocation on all our estate – you can start building on your property as soon as payment is completed.


As a partner with us, we ensure we give you a thorough education on the dynamics, and how to excel in the real estate industry, by providing periodic training seminars that covers different areas not limited to just real estate alone. Some of the subjects that will be taught in this training are such important subjects that the knowledge and skill gained from it could be availed by you in your private businesses. We would also provide us with necessary marketing materials to enable you become productive including ID CARDS, Corporate business card and more. Terms and Conditions Apply.

  • Commissions: as a partner you get 10% or 15% commission for each sales made. That is if you made a sale of one of our estate land worth 10 million, you will be paid 1 Million commissions.
  • Referrals commissions:

1ST GENERATION: First Generation Commission, meaning that if you refer a partner and he/she registers under you. The referred partner becomes your down-line, anytime this down-line of yours makes a sale you are entitled to 3 percent of that your down-lines commission. So if your down-lines commission is a million naira you are getting 3% commission of N300, 000.

2ND GENERATION: Second Generation Commissions, meaning that if your Down-line Refers a partner and the referred partner registers under your down-line, whenever this second generation down-line makes a sale, as the second generation up-line you are entitled to 2% commission. Meaning that if he/she is entitled to A million naira 10% commission, you are entitled to N200, 000 being 2% commission.

  • PERIODIC PROMOTIONAL BENEFITS: There are always periodic targets set by our company and a reward system put in place respectively.
  • CAR AWARDS: There are (Brand New cars) awards to open to all our partners who meet certain targets.
  • BRAND AMBASSADORSHIP WITH SALARY: At the end of every year the partner with the highest sales form certain benchmark becomes our company brand ambassador
  • ALL-EXPENSE PAID TRIP ABROAD: All our partners have a chance of winning an all-expense paid trip abroad. Terms and conditions apply.

All details of all eligibility for awards and benefits aside from all forms of commissions are available at our head office.

  • Fill a form online (on our website https://kemchutahomesltd.com/registration-page/) or offline (At our office).
  • Pay the sum of N3,500 registration or have it deducted when you make your first sale (NOTE: Making a Sale makes you an active partner, with you will be provided with an ID CARD)
  • Start selling